Business Support and Capacity Planning

Supporting social enterprise and the wider community

As a social enterprise understanding our client has made us the largest social enterprise business support provider in Scotland. Our expertise and track record gives us the confidence to know that we can deliver.


Bridging the skills gap

We recognise each one of our customers is unique. Yet shared passion and self-belief added to unlimited energy and dedication are the common thread which increases the likelihood of success. However, sacrifice and hard graft can only take a business so far as the absence of specialist skills brings with it new challenges.

With CEIS assistance, aspiring clients are now establishing their own brand and with it their financial security. Our Business plans and financial know-how help steer you in the right direction saving you time and squandered energy. No-matter the size of your organisation, on each assignment we get to know your business, study your trading environment, and deliver plans which make the difference.

If you don’t believe us, read what our customers say.

We do this through recruiting professionals from diverse backgrounds. A culture of delivering results ensures our focus remains on individual needs while our position at the heart of an established network keeps us up-to-date on government initiatives and funding programmes. Our status as grant assessors working in partnership with Government stakeholders ensures our clients benefit from both our expertise and our position as influencers in the heart of the social enterprise movement.

By recruiting CEIS services you are buying into professional expertise available either “free” through government programmes such as Just Enterprise and developing markets, or you can employ our services on a fee basis.

CEIS bridge the skills gap bringing expertise across a range of professions making us as relevant today as we were when we first began 30 years ago. 

Share in our success

Do you need specialist support tailored to your needs? To make an enquiry contact us online or call Emma Stratton on 0141 425 2900 and by working together we can steer your social enterprise towards a brighter future.



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