Supporting communities


At the heart of our vision is an aim to strengthen communities in Scotland.

With the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, there has never been a better time for people to take control of the places that they live.

CEIS is experienced in a number of community development approaches including Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). Our delivery team is skilled at:

  • Appreciating and organising individual and community talent, skills and assets
  • Supporting communities to drive social led action

Our approach brings the following benefits:

  • It reaches into the heart of communities, contacting , engaging and supporting the development of individuals.
  • It strengths individuals and group confidence and combined capacities, which inspires people to lead change.
  • It values the linkages and relationships across the community and importance of social capital.
  • It is based on the assumption that communities already have the power to effect change, it just needs harnessed.
  • It places a priority on collaborative efforts for developments and builds on the current assets.
  • It focuses on engaging residents as people (and not clients) and making local decision making more effective and responsive.

We are currently working with communities in Glasgow, Dumfries and Falkirk.

Our Place is a place based initiative from the Big Lottery Fund that aims to build stronger connections and relationships in communities, empowering local people and organisations to bring about positive and lasting changes in their neighbourhood.

The Big Lottery Fund is investing in support contracts to provide intensive, asset based community development and grow the skills and confidence of the local people and organisations.

CEIS is the support contract in Lochside and Lincluden in Dumfries.

To hear some of the voices of the people involved have a look at this film or to read more about our process click here. To read more about Our Place initiative click here

CEIS also is part of the delivery team in Camelon in Falkirk.

To hear some of the voices of the people involved have a look at this film or to read more about Our Place Camelon click here


Our Great Start is a programme to improve community participation levels and increase capacity and empowerment within new build social housing neighbourhoods.

CEIS is currently delivering community support and development services in Toryglen, Barmulloch and Kingway in Glasgow.

The engagement work involves building a relationship directly with the new tenants and connecting people within a community. By co-creating events and activities with the tenants we are bringing people together to reduce feelings of isolation and dislocation. We are developing a community voice by providing training and mentoring.

To read more about Our Great Start in Kingsway, Barmulloch and Toryglen check out our Facebook pages.

Strengthening Communities programme supports community anchor organisations to increase their capacity in order to make them more sustainable while empowering local people through community ownership.

The impact of the programme will be more resilient community organisations that will be ready to advance into more ambitious initiatives.

The Strengthening Communities programme is a partnership approach between The Scottish Government, Scottish Community Development Centre, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, CEIS, Carnegie UK Trust and the Development Trust Association Scotland who will assist community organisations to achieve greater sustainable and longer term resilience.

CEIS is currently working with 10 community organisations across Scotland, more information about the programme is available on the Scottish Government website.




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