Planning and strategies

Business planning

CEIS will facilitate the business planning process as well as produce Business plan documents to meet the specific needs of different audiences.

Strategic planning

Our business advisors will work with Boards and staff to help organisations address the questions of “where are we now?” “where do we want to be, and how will we get there?’ These development sessions help to address key questions, identify areas of disagreement, and provide the forum for open discussion. This tried and tested structure forms the basis for the development of comprehensive action plans which support either funding applications or provide direction prior to designing your marketing strategy.

Income generation and growth strategies

CEIS work with organisations seeking to develop their services or external income and help to identify their capabilities. Projects are researched, reviewed, costed and priced prior to being included in the plan.

How can we help?

If you feel our advisors can assist in any aspects of planning and strategies, contact us online or call Emma Stratton on 0141 425 2900.

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