Supporting enterprise

Specialist support tailored to your needs

CEIS is at the heart of the Social Enterprise economy. We offer specialist support to the Third Sector delivering projects which build capacity, improve knowledge and facilitate community engagement. We help identify and nurture future potential to organisations that see trading as part of their growth strategy and who aim for a long term sustainable business. We do this through:

  • Supporting project development
  • Project planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project briefs
  • Comprehensive business plans
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing and funding applications

Our business advisors are from a variety of industry backgrounds but are now dedicated to the Third Sector.

Client assessment and engagement

Our advisory role is a collaborative process where Board members and staff have influence, giving you confidence in the final proposal. We work with you in group development sessions, usually attended by a mix of Board and staff members and ensure the buy-in of stakeholders before production of the final document. CEIS will carry out business health checks to identify specific business needs and determine the type of support and the number of days required. Our brief can include the finance options available for your particular assignment and we will make you aware of our findings each step of the way.

We can develop and deliver workshops aimed at building capacity, identifying key issues, develop key objectives and finally guide you on action planning. 

How our work is supported

We have a range of potential options to finance our support services depending on the nature of the backing required; where clients are based, or where they are providing services. These include:

  • Just Enterprise: we are one of the consortium providers of the Scottish Government funded business support programme for the Third Sector
  • Developing markets: This programme promotes closer working between the public sector and the third sector in Scotland. We do this in a number of ways including facilitating dialogue between public sector buyers and third sector suppliers, encouraging the use of Community Benefit Clauses in purchasing, and supporting the Public Social Partnership model.
  • Glasgow based clients: For many years Glasgow City Council has been one of our key partners supporting our work in helping to develop the Third Sector across the city.
  • Client contribution: we may require a contribution from you or from a funding source that you have accessed and, where applicable, this would be agreed before our work could start.

Help with Funding Applications

CEIS play an integral part in assessing applications to the Scottish Governments Enterprise Growth Fund (2011) and currently, The Enterprise Ready Fund (2013/2014). We offer specialist advice based on practical experience for organisations to:

  • Fully understand their finance requirements
  • Produce suitable income & funding strategies
  • Complete funding applications
  • Review and assess funding applications

Financial advice for the Third Sector

CEIS provides a comprehensive range of financial services for Third Sector organisations throughout Scotland irrespective of their size or location. We specialise in supporting organisations where in-house accounting skills are absent and provide the analysis necessary to effectively control and manage the financial aspects of your business.

How can CEIS help?

If you feel our Advisors can assist with Business Plans, marketing strategies, provide financial advice or help with legal queries contact us online or call Emma Stratton on 0141 425 2900.

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