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Don’t miss out on this exciting programme with great networking opportunities!

Now in its 8th year, our annual Social Enterprise Conference, in partnership with Scottish Government is an integral part of the social enterprise landscape in Scotland. This year’s event will highlight major developments, policy changes, trends and issues as well as providing outstanding networking opportunities.

As Glasgow plays host to the XX Commonwealth Games, we will look at the legacy for Scotland’s social enterprise community, to date and in the future, with some surprising outcomes beyond the well-known construction benefits from community benefit clauses. This year’s rapid fire profile of social enterprise breakthrough will feature enterprises from throughout Scotland each of which has achieved a significant milestone in the last twelve months and is happy to share the learning with conference participants.

The event will also feature commercial businesses working to create social benefit in partnership with social enterprises and one of Scotland’s most successful crowd-funding initiatives will reveal the strategy and success of securing public support for their social venture.  However, in the business world things don’t always go to plan and working with Senscot, we will highlight the issues behind social enterprise business failures itube apk in order to share learning, improve responses and commence a culture change so that it’s as acceptable to share business problems and difficulties as it is to share success stories.

The 2013 event was fully booked and we anticipate similar interest this year as particpants will come from all parts of the social enterprise movement in Scotland and our programme complements outstanding keynote presentations with practical breakout sessions focussing on social enterprise governance; business recovery; international leadership and strategies for selling to the public nd business.

This year’s presenters include:

  • Yvonne Strachan, Head of Equality, Human Rights and Third Sector Division
  • Rachael McCormack, Strengthening Communities Director, Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Matthew Roberts, Head of Sustainability, Landmarc Support Services
  • Warren Bader, CEO, Plan Bee
  • Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise UK
  • Paul Zealey, Head of Community, Glasgow2014

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