SEWF 2015 – A truly unique flavour of Italian culture

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2015 will see the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) return to Europe for the first time since its launch in Edinburgh in 2008. Milan, an international hub for designers, artists, photographers and models will host the Social Enterprise World Forum from 1-3 July, offering delegates the opportunity to experience the electric atmosphere and diverse cultures as 1,000’s of people descend upon this wonderful city for SEWF and Expo 2015 world fair.

About SEWF

In 2008 a global steering committee was established from national social enterprise support agencies with a mission to advance social enterprise development throughout the world, with the goal of bringing together the leading agencies promoting and supporting social enterprise and so the Social Enterprise World Forum was born.

Each year the Social Enterprise World Forum brings together circa 1,000 delegates to examine, debate and learn about new and innovative models and ventures being adopted worldwide to support social enterprises to thrive. Industry leaders, Government representatives, practitioners, academics, funders, supporters and youths are invited to participate and attend the forum to learn, share, collaborate and trade supporting the steering committee’s mission.

SEWF 2015 – Growing a new economy

In Italy & Europe, the widespread belief that established development models for social enterprise are no longer sustainable, sparked the SEWF 2015 organisers, Foundation ACRA-CCS, to examine the role and impact of social enterprises. This year’s theme ‘Growing a new economy’ will strive to prove long-term sustainability can be achieved through global examples of:

  • The ecosystem supporting the development of social enterprises
  • Impact investing
  • The role of social enterprises in the fight against poverty
  • Social enterprises in agriculture


A truly unique flavour of Italian culture

Participation in the forum presents delegates with a rich cultural experience with the opportunity to explore the ancient city centre of Milan with historical palazzos combined with modern buildings on the morning of the 1st July with a pass for Expo 2015. In the afternoon, it is on to the official opening of SEWF2015, which takes place at the much sought after Expo Auditorium.

La Scala MilanOn the morning of day 2 delegates then have a unique opportunity, not available to other visitors or tourists, with access to the formal dress rehearsal of Othello at the world renowned opera house, La Scala.

IULM University campus will be the setting for the conference in the afternoon and the following day, where delegates will also have access to the social enterprise market place and speakers’ corner.

Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to close SEWF2015

Mumammad Yunus pic

Fittingly Professor Muhammad Yunus, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance will join to formally close SEWF 2015 and handover to the SEWF2016 host.


It doesn’t end there!

For the more adventurous and cultural participants, there are a number of pre and post-forum study tour options available to some of the most exciting and innovative social enterprises in Northern, Central and Southern Italy.

All of this, in the midst of Expo, presents delegates with a unique opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of Italian art, culture, architecture, design, fashion, food and sustainable agriculture through the eyes of those committed to making Italy a better place through the social impact they pursue.


Early-bird registration for the 3 day event, including the ticket to Expo2015 and access to the dress rehearsal of Othello starts from £300 per delegate and ends 31st May 2015.

To book your place and for further information visit

NB. Early registration and accommodation reservation is strongly advised due to the increased number of visitors expected in the city to attend SEWF2015 and Expo2015.

For further information on SEWF visit

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