Social Procurement

CEIS is passionate about promoting the benefits, services and innovation within the third sector. Partnering with Social Firms Scotland and Senscot to create Ready for Business Procurement LLP, we, together with KPMG, Social Value Lab, MacRoberts LLP and Sustainable Procurement Ltd, seek to increase the share of public services delivered by the Third Sector.

This consortium brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience of the issues facing the public sector in commissioning, procurement and Third Sector engagement, which we aim to support and address.

We hold a number of events throughout the year, for both public and third sector representatives to raise awareness of issues and facilitate dialogue. Public sector buyers for NHS, local authorities etc are invited to share their views on the opportunities and challenges when using Third Sector suppliers, while Third Sector organisations have the opportunity to promote the services they deliver.

These sessions have been pivotal in raising awareness and helping to address opportunities for engagement and we are delighted to have the contract renewed until March 2016.

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Third Sector organisations can also access free workshops on tender writing via the Scottish Government’s Just Enterprise programme.

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