How to Use App on Your Device?

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name had soared among smartphone users because of many celebrities, ranging from domestic to foreign, who follow-up appear. can create lipsync videos with various sounds or songs that are very funny. Not just a song, you can also play a scene in a movie. itself is an application made by Mobile Motion GmBH. before starting to make a video, it helps us create a account first. Actually we can directly create a video though without an account, but the features it provides are quite limited.

In there are three categories that you can choose the categories Trending, Discover and My Sounds.

For the Trending category itself there are several themes that can be selected include Comedy, Love, Cartoon, Animals, Reality TV, Party and Superheroes and Villains which presents a variety of sound clips in the movie Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Iron Man, Joker. In the Discover category, users can search for sound clips different from those in Trending. While in the category of My Sounds, users are given the freedom to upload their own sound clips. App to record Videos: provides songs or sounds so we can instantly create videos quickly and instantly. Various sounds are made by users around the world. How to open the app, then on the main page you will see a list of votes that are popular among users If you want to find a sound just uploaded by another user, please open the ‘Latest’ tab. Click the Play button on the left to listen first. If you’ve found a matching sound, click on the sound title to start creating a unique lipsing video.

To get started simply click the Start button at the bottom of the screen. You can replace the camera used by clicking the camera icon located on the top right. When done, click the arrow-shaped button in the top right corner. Until now, there are many audio collections in Indonesian language that perched in the library, even until dangdut songs were there.

If’s sound is not appetizing, you can also upload your own voice or song from your device. How to open the menu button on the left, then select the option ‘Add Sound’.



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