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windows spotlight : Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 update from July 29th and users can now ready to get their version of the download package. As earlier noted Windows 10 will be freely available to the eligible users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Users who are yet using the old version will have to purchase a copy of Windows 10 Operation system. Downloading and Installation of Windows 10 might catch some of your knowledge and more over time to get activated. Here we guide you in the process of installation.

Windows 10 brings a distinctive element towards the table with Windows Focus. The possibility enables you to set your lockscreen on your computer or product to auto-switch via a preselected group of photographs selected by Microsoft. Towards the top of the best-hand corner, you can offer a thumbs-up or down in case you liked it like Pandora. If you gave it thumbs down, off it goes. A thumbsup, however, can generate similar images to the next work.

You can read our training on how to get it working if you should be new to Windows 10: ‘HOW TO enable Fix windows spotlight not working┬áin Windows 10 to keep your lock screen awesome’

Those images made by Spotlight are generally awe-inspiring, which means you may choose to save them sometimes for later use including on your own telephone (where, unfortunately, Focus has yet to reach). Today, we will explain to you just how to do just that!

Upgrading from Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

1. Start Menu > Click Windows Update

2. Eligible Users can see Windows 10 Upgrade icon

In fewer cases, users are said to download SP1 Update in their Windows 7 OS so that it will be further upgraded to Windows 10. This process takes few minutes/hours

If users cannot find any Windows 10 Update then they should Reserve their Copy of Windows 10 at the Windows 10 flagged at the system tray.

If everything is Ok, then Windows 10 OS will be downloaded with all new updates and Click the mark > Agree to all Microsofts terms/

In Case Windows 10 Purchased:-

These steps are much helpful to the users of Windows XP users all the way or either who gonna get their Windows 10 OS from a retails store

1. Insert Windows 10 USB drive/CD to the computer via DVD drive/port

2. Reboot Computer

3. Alter the standard boot preference to boot from your USB or DVD drive (press Esc or F1 for this )

4. Press any key to continue > Select Next on the following screen

5. Click Install

6. Here you get 2 Options like :-

a.) Keep your existing operating system and files
b.) Replace your systems existing operating system with Windows 10

Select the options of your choice in the prompt

If Users are going to replace current OS with Windows 10 then they needed to install it on the existing partition or delete the old one and create a new partition in the initial stage.

7. Click Next

Computer/PC begins installation of Windows 10 in the selected partition and it might take much time to be completed as per criteria.

If using Windows 10 Developer Preview

Microsoft will download and install all the latest updates and upgrade Developers PC to the latest version of Windows 10. Now it is the work of Microsoft to automatically download and install Windows 10 Operating System to the Windows 10 Developer Preview.



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