Building a Global Social Enterprise Ecosystem [Impact Boom Article]

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Tom Allen at Impact Boom recently interviewed our CEO Gerry Higgins on the Global Social Enterprise Ecosystem.

Gerry is Chief Executive Officer at CEIS (Community Enterprise in Scotland) and a Director at the Social Value Lab, Ready for Business LLP, Social Enterprise UK and Social Enterprise World Forum CIC.

In 2017 Gerry was awarded an honorary fellowship and inducted into the Social Enterprise UK Hall of Fame in recognition of his work in building a global social enterprise movement. He brings over 30 years’ experience in developing and running social enterprises and works with government agencies and third sector partners in the UK and internationally to develop supportive social enterprise ecosystems.

His current work includes oversight of major programmes, to develop public sector markets for social enterprises, to build the capacity of social enterprises to create sustainable and effective businesses and to introduce new forms of social investment to support business start-up and growth.

As CEO of the CEIS Group, Gerry leads a team of over 50 people to deliver business support, employability services, project consultancy, social research, social investment, business finance and event management. Gerry joined CEIS in 2006 having previously worked across the UK as the founding Chief Executive of Social Firms UK for 7 years. During this period Gerry was a founding director of the Social Enterprise UK and worked with the DTI to draft and introduce the first UK Social Enterprise Strategy in 2002. Gerry is interested in social change and committed to social justice and has spent over 30 years working in the social enterprise sector to assist individuals, communities and enterprises to fulfil their potential.

Gerry discusses the history of social enterprise over the last 30 years, sharing valuable insights into growing the sector. Gerry provides strong advice for social entrepreneurs, talks about shifts in policy and what to expect for this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh.

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