Supporting Communities

We believe empowering local residents and organisations can bring about positive and lasting changes in neighbourhoods and are delighted to be delivering asset-based community development programmes across Scotland.

As well as offering business support services, we deliver a number of initiatives to develop communities. Our team work collaboratively with individuals and wider communities to identify their objectives, to harness existing assets, resources, skills and identify and address any gaps to support development.

Our support depends on the needs of the communities but have involved:

  • Consultation
  • Community visioning
  • Community action planning
  • Funding application support
  • Evaluation and monitoring support
  • Setting up new organisations
  • Project development
  • Steering group management
  • Creating structures and support for a community voice
  • Promotion, marketing and press
  • Setting up new partnerships
  • New leases, contracts and partnership agreements
  • Capacity building and support for local organisations
  • Volunteer development for individuals
  • Organising networking events
  • Mentoring
  • Improving community participation levels
  • Forward planning
  • Asset mapping
  • Social Media support
  • Organising study visits
  • Research
  • Training

Find out what impact we’re having on the communities we’re working in.

If you have a community project you would like us to manage, please contact Judith McVinnie on 0141 425 2929 or Judith.McVinnie@ceis.org.uk.



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