Financial Planning, Management and Reporting

Getting to grips with your finances gives you a better understanding of your organisations’ current position and confidence in how to move forward

Our specialist business advisers are on hand to provide you with the necessary skills and tools to understand and effectively manage your organisation’s finance. We can assist with short, mid and long-term assignments supporting your inhouse capacity with:

  • Financial planning, including production of income and expenditure forecasts/projections, annual budgets, product and service costing etc
  • Internal reporting including book-keeping, accounting system installation, reporting systems for income & expenditure and cash flow etc
  • Accounting support including set-up and implementation of robust financial and credit control procedures, production of monthly/quarterly management accounts, etc
  • Board services including independent examination and interpretation of accounts, independent and impartial reporting to boards, due diligence, financial recovery etc.

If you feel our advisors can assist in any aspect of your financial planning, management or reporting, please contact Sally Gallery on 0141 425 2909 or by email, sally.gallery@ceis.org.uk.




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