Demystifying the web

Have you ever wanted to know how the web works and how to get more from it? Today’s economic climate is forcing Social Enterprises to look beyond grant dependency and become more self-reliant so making your website work harder makes economic sense.

This full day workshop is targeted at those enterprising Third Sector organisations that are either embarking on digital marketing for the first time or who want to get more from their existing efforts.

This course is geared towards both decision makers who need to know more about the art of the possible and non-expert staff and volunteers charged with active maintenance and development of the web channel.

If you currently feel intimidated and are avoiding the challenge or simply want to know more to achieve a better performance this friendly, non-technical workshop is for you.

The areas explored include:

  • Understanding how the web channel works and why it has changed marketing forever
  • What people see when visiting your website
  • Why site design affects the level of donations
  • How to get found by search engines and achieve a page 1 listing on Google
  • Why email marketing?
  • Why, when and how to Blog
  • Is my social media working?
  • Where to get free on-line resource

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