Introduction to writing for the web

Copywriting for the web is different to writing offline. The challenge for every website is, firstly, to be found and, secondly, to be read. Failure in either undermines marketing efforts and the level of business enquiries received.

This course increases understanding of not just “how” but “why” formatting for the web has such a crucial impact on your organisation’s on-line and social media performance. It reveals what the human eye sees on a webpage and how to ensure visitors to your site read more and investigate further. We disclose some of the secrets to improve your search engine rankings and discuss why site testing is a must before launch. Delegates attending this course will never look at a website in the same way again.

Who should attend?
This half day workshop combines presentation with interactive activities and is ideal for any manager or staff member who has an influence over the final performance of their organisation’s on-line channel. Whether you critically appraise the writing of in-house colleagues or do it yourself, this course is for you.

Key Learning topics:

  • What are the aims of a website?
  • Why use search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to find keywords people search on
  • What visitors to your website see
  • How to write on-line copy and engineer what people read
  • Accessibility
  • How to run a usability study
  • The importance of interaction on your site

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