Market and Business Research

Good business information reduces risk and gives confidence to key management decisions, so effective research is an essential tool for any organisation in its planning, growth and operation.

Our Business Advisers have expertise in designing and implementing a range of business research projects using a variety of research techniques – whether analysing published data and information or speaking directly to your research audience. Typical research topics and projects include:

  • Population and customer profiles
  • Market and industry profiles
  • Exemplar and competitor research
  • Customer opinions, experiences and attitudes
  • Policy and strategy context
  • Feasibility study
  • Community consultation
  • Options appraisal
  • Market testing
  • Project or service evaluation

As experienced business advisers we can also help assess the implications of research findings for your organisation.

If you feel we can support your business research, please contact Sally Gallery on 0141 425 2909 or by email, sally.gallery@ceis.org.uk.




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