Strategy Development and Business Planning

Strategy and planning are essential for any organisation to ensure that you are on track to meet goals, targets or operational milestones – ‘if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?’

Our skilled business advisers will work with you and your Board to facilitate the planning process, through to producing final documents that guide and monitor the implementation of your plan, and that help communicate it to others.

Our approach to strategy development and business planning variously aims to:

  • Define or review your organisation’s vision and purpose
  • Outline and define related goals
  • Provide a forum for open dialogue and securing consent
  • Identify and address organisational opportunities and challenges
  • Identify organisational capabilities and development needs
  • Identify appropriate strategies for growth or change
  • Develop comprehensive action plans
  • Consider the business risks associated with strategies and plans

If you feel our advisors can assist in any aspect of your strategy development and business planning, please contact Sally Gallery on 0141 425 2909 or sally.gallery@ceis.org.uk. You can also contact us online.




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