Tendering for Contracts

The public sector market is a significant opportunity for social enterprises with a growing trend amongst service commissioners and procurement professionals to engage with the Third Sector.

Tendering for contracts, however, can be a challenging task for organisations and many are put off by what can often be a complex, rules-driven purchasing process with stiff competition from unknown bidders.

Whether looking to become ‘tender ready’ or targeting a specific contract opportunity; this is where we come in. Offering one-to-one business support, our expert team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting organisations through the tendering process in areas including:

  • Understanding the procurement landscape: ‘who buys what’; the terminology; procurement and tendering processes; legal considerations and tendering rules
  • Becoming tender ready
  • Identifying opportunities and making best use of procurement portals
  • Reviewing and understanding tender documents
  • Deciding on whether or not to bid
  • Developing contract method statements
  • Costing and pricing bids
  • Promoting your organisation in your tender
  • Responding to Community Benefit Clauses
  • Supporting tender preparation
  • Presenting professional tenders
  • Obtaining feedback from the buyer
  • Bidding in partnership or consortia

If you feel we can support your business please contact Sally Gallery on 0141 425 2909 or by email, sally.gallery@ceis.org.uk.




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