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Business loan provides the right components

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Lanarkshire based CRL Recycling Limited is a recycling company specialised in cable, scrap metal, plastics and pallets.

Initial funding was required to assist with the purchase of a cable granulator, which is a fundamental piece of equipment used to separate the cables into the different components; namely copper, PVC, steel and aluminium which can then be sold on to scrap metal merchants.

As a business start-up, the company found it difficult to secure funding from mainstream sources and a funding package was put together including investments from the CRL Recycling Limited director, DSL business finance and a public sector funding body.

I found DSL to be more efficient than the other funder I used for finance required to get my business off the ground. I would recommend other businesses approach DSL for finance, as I felt that they are more concerned about your business working, than how much money they would make.

Simon Shaw- CRL Recycling Limited

For further information on CRL Recycling Limited, visit http://www.crlrecycling.co.uk/

For further information on how DSL can support your business with a start-up loan, visit http://www.dsl-businessfinance.co.uk/content/sulc/

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