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Career change for Graeme

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Graeme was referred to CEIS Ayrshire, as part of the Work Programme. He had worked in Construction for 20+ years but had to leave due to a number of health issues including arthritis, diabetes and HBP. He felt he was ‘past it’ and was unsure if he would ever find work again. Through our Business Liaison Officer (BLO) team, we came across a local dog groomer who was looking to take on staff. This was certainly a career Graeme had never thought of but was interested to learn more about.

We  set up a meeting for the employer and Graeme and from thereon arranged a 4 week work placement. Following this placement, we carried out an ‘In Work Benefit Calculation’, as part of our after care service for all jobseekers and found that although he would be £7 per week ‘worse off’, this was an acceptable compromise. This would give Graeme an excellent opportunity to build up his own client base, with the potential to build up his hours from an initial 16 hours per week contract to full time hours.

Graeme returned to the office after a month to see us and could not thank us enough for the help and support we had given. His health has improved and is due to start a ‘dog grooming’ training course. He is very much looking forward to his new career.

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