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Helping William Overcome Career Challenges and Find Success

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The Challenge

William Taggart, a skilled professional with a background in supervision and spray painting, faced career challenges after the end of his previous employment. Despite his experience, he encountered difficulties securing a new job opportunity that aligned with his interests and aspirations.

The Solution

Recognising the need for assistance, William was referred to CEIS Ayrshire by his work coach at Saltcoats Job Centre. During the initial consultation, he expressed an interest in starting his own gardening business, highlighting his enjoyment of working outdoors. CEIS developed a tailored action plan to support William’s career transition.

CEIS took the following steps to assist William:

  • Referral to Kerry McGuire at North Ayrshire Council:
    William was referred to Kerry McGuire, an expert at North Ayrshire Council, who could provide valuable support if he decided to pursue his own gardening business.
  • Opportunity with North Ayrshire Council’s Skills For Life Programme:
    Through CEIS Ayrshire, William learned about a vacancy for Streetscene, a service that is responsible for maintaining public spaces across the council area and is part of their Skills for Life Programme, a Scottish Government programme and aims to support people who are 25+ years of age, unemployed more than 12 months and living in North Ayrshire, to gain training, skills and experience within Council services. In his role with Streetscene, William was employed to fulfil tasks as grass cutting, emptying rubbish bins and ensuring that public spaces are kept neat and tidy. This fixed-term contract position for 26 weeks offered William an opportunity to work in a role that aligned with his interests and provided valuable experience.
  • Application and Interview Support:
    Steven Sheffield, William’s Key Worker at CEIS Ayrshire, provided crucial support during the application process. Steven reviewed and refined William’s application and offered interview preparation sessions to boost William’s confidence and readiness for the online interview.

This involved Steven reviewing the Streetscene job description and making sure that William was clear on exactly what the role entailed. Steven also conducted a mock interview with William and made sure that William had a couple of questions to ask the interviewer – which is always a good thing to demonstrate that you are keen on getting the role.

The Outcome

Thanks to the support provided by CEIS, William achieved positive outcomes:

  • Successful Job Placement:
    William’s preparation, combined with his skills and determination, led to a successful online interview. He received the exciting news that he had been selected for the Streetscene operative position with North Ayrshire Council. This job placement offered him stability, growth opportunities, and a chance to contribute to his community.
  • Training and Support:
    As a Streetscene operative, William embarked on a journey of professional development. He completed various online courses relevant to his role, gaining valuable knowledge and skills. Additionally, with the assistance of Steven Sheffield, he successfully completed an online First Aid course, ensuring he was equipped with essential life-saving skills. William also completed additional online courses via TrainMe: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) training, Basic Fire Safety Awareness, Manual Handling, Workplace Health & Safety & Asbestos Awareness.
  • Positive Impact and Future Prospects:
    William’s employment as a Streetscene operative provided him with a meaningful and fulfilling opportunity. It allowed him to work outdoors, which he enjoyed, while contributing to the improvement and maintenance of the community’s streetscape. This experience laid a solid foundation for his future career prospects and personal growth, enabling William to get back into the work sector starting with a 26-week fixed term contract, which could lead to a permanent position.

Together, with the collaborative efforts of CEIS Ayrshire, North Ayrshire Council, and William’s own determination, William started on a path towards a new career, having achieved success as a Streetscene operative. CEIS Ayrshire specialises in offering bespoke, targeted support, with positive outcomes for all its clients.. William’s story shows how the combined efforts of their team, their support programme, and the client’s perseverance can lead to positive outcomes and open doors to a brighter future. If you’d like to learn more about CEIS Ayrshire’s employability services, get in touch.



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