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Ministry of Labor, Taiwan: Business Development workshop

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Deliver a week-long business development programme to 50 local social enterprises and NPO (non-profit organisations) programme applicants in Taipei to enhance marketing and financial management knowledge and skills. The WDA (Workforce Development Agency) has been working with communities since 1999 following a devastating earthquake hit Taiwan to encourage them to develop their local economy and employment opportunities. While the number of social enterprises and NPO’s has increased, recent research conducted by Social Enterprise Development & Research Center (SEDRC) at National Sun Yat-Sen University showed that there was a significant knowledge gap in finance and marketing between this group and regular commercial businesses.

Our input

Working with WDA and SEDRC we developed a week-long course including workshops, a conference and individual consultation. Workshops covered areas of business planning, constructing annual budgets, service costing, leadership, marketing and social impact measurement.

Participants conducted practical exercises throughout the workshops to support their learning and implementation into their business; and engaged in exercises to encourage intra-group learning and networking.


  • Participants knowledge in Marketing and Financial Management had increased
  • The course delivery, content and materials met participant and organiser expectations
  • WDA and SEDRC would like to repeat the course in different areas in Taiwan subject to funding



“All of the organisers, participants and attending government representatives found the course delivered by CEIS to be exceptional. They created a program, which specifically met our brief and participants needs. The pace, delivery, content and materials for the program were well considered for an international delegation and their ease of understanding and learning. Added to this the use of practical exercises, which encouraged a good mix of sole and team working, the participants’ experience, networking and ability to build connections was invaluable. We’d highly recommend CEIS and hope to use them again in the future.”

Professor, Yih Jeng, Social Enterprise Development and Research Center, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Client)


“It was great to participate in this course with clear steps and implementation. The level of participant engagement, learning and sharing as well as the connections made are great.” Workshop participant

“The course materials are great. They are really easy to understand and will help me implement learning into my business” Workshop participant

“It was great to have international trainers to hear different perspectives, ways of thinking and about the sector in Scotland” Workshop participant

“I’d like to participate in future courses delivered by these trainers” Workshop participant


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