CEIS Ayrshire welcomes Erasmus+ partners from Spain, Australia and Slovakia

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CEIS Ayrshire welcomed project partners from GRUPO EQ5 in Spain, Epic Employment Services in Australia, EPIC Slovakia and Epic Assist Charity Scotland as they collaborate to launch a transnational programme to assist 200+ students from 4 Universities.

The project commenced in September 2014 with a meeting in Bratislava and will run to August 2016. The project aim is to create a minimum of 40 work placements for young people by working with employers to support them in the area of youth employment and provide opportunities for employers and University graduates to engage.

The project partners have conducted and exchanging research into similar programmes and will collaborate to identify and work with businesses in the UK, Slovakia and Spain to support the programme.

At the meeting in Ayrshire, the group heard from Cheryl Newall, Engagement Adviser on current activity in Kilbirnie. ‘Nail that job’ is a programme targeted at the long term unemployed to assist those furthest from the job market and training to prepare for job interviews. Staff work closely with this group to provide training and skills in job application and interview techniques. Role playing has been key in this programme allowing clients to suggest questions suitable for each role and appropriate responses. This has helped build confidence in the group.

The project partners also heard from Catalyst Catering, a subsidiary created to offer opportunities for youths in the community through training, work experience and critical soft skills in customer service and interaction. The project has helped a number of youths into employment in the catering and hospitality sector since its inception in 2012.

The group will hear about projects in Toledo, Spain in October 2015.

For further information on this project, please contact John.Hughes@ceisayrshire.co.uk

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