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We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded and recognised by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) as ‘Committed to Excellence’. The EFQM Excellence Model provides a framework that encourages cooperation, collaboration and innovation.

After formal notification on 5th May, representatives of the staff focus group who have dedicated time and expertise to the process over the past 18 months were invited to an awards lunch at Radisson Blu, Glasgow on 16th June to celebrate this substantial achievement on behalf of the whole group.

Here they were inspired to continue to strive for success by Jamie Andrew OBE, renowned motivational speaker who despite being a quadruple amputee has made some amazing ascents all over the world and raised huge amounts for charity. Jamie congratulated all awardees and beseeched that we should not let anything get in the way of reaching our goals.

In March 2014 we submitted our application to Quality Scotland outlining plans to implement 3 projects that would demonstrate both internally and externally that, like the businesses it supports, CEIS has clear objectives, is aware of its impact and has plans for continuous improvement.

The validators report was very positive stating “This was a particularly strong C2E validation with all participants describing significant changes as a result of the improvement projects. Together the three projects have encouraged collaborative working with people being more encouraged to contribute ideas and better ways of working. The benefits of the projects were [also] recognised in added value for clients and contractors”.

Gerry Higgins, CEO, CEIS commented “I am thrilled that we have been recognised for commitment to excellence; a core value to CEIS. This was a tremendous effort by all staff involved and cross-collaboration on these projects has injected a new energy across the whole group. We will continue to work to bring forward new ideas, support each other with development and delivery and ensure the company fully utilises the talents of our people”.

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