Contribute to the Social Enterprise in Scotland Census 2021

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The 4th official stocktake of enterprising charities and social enterprises in Scotland is now underway and you can contribute here.

What’s the project all about? 
Every two years, the Scottish Government produces a major report on the state of the social enterprise sector. The report draws on information from the main regulators as well as survey evidence from the sector. You can find previous results at www.socialenterprisecensus.org.uk. 

Is it relevant to me? 

If your organisation has social or environmental goals and generates income through contracts or fees of any kind, then the project is relevant. You could be doing anything from running a village hall, to providing arts activities, childcare, transport, or social care services.

Why is it important? 

This official study helps inform policy and funding, and shows the impact of the sector in your area. Coming out of the COVID crisis, this is a critical point to look at the situation facing organisations like yours.

How can I contribute?

Join thousands of others contributing to this important source of knowledge about the sector. Simply take 15 or so minutes to register your information and views here.



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