Partners & sponsors

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government launched ‘Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026’, in December 2016. The Strategy was co-produced alongside the Scottish social enterprise sector. This follows, over a decade, the Scottish Government working with the sector to establish a holistic ‘eco-system of support’, putting in place incubators and accelerators, free business advice, leadership programmes and affordable loans.

The Strategy will be driven by three, three-year Action Plans, again, co-produced with the sector, the first Action Plan ran from 2017, with the second Action Plan to be launched in 2020.

Social Enterprise World Forum

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is the leading organisation for the global social enterprise movement. We challenge failed economic models and build the movement by convening global and regional events, partnering with diverse organisations, and influencing policy dialogues.

SEWF has held events on every continent and we’re holding our first global, virtual event this year. Social enterprises and their needs sit at the heart of our events, which are designed to build capacity, provide tangible skills, promote knowledge exchange, and foster critical social capital through networking and personal contact. This unique focus enables social enterprises to address complex social and environmental challenges, often in the most marginalised communities.

SEWF was established in 2008 by a group of the world’s leading social enterprise agencies and networks. They still guide the organisation today, ensuring we reflect the priorities of tens of thousands of social enterprises around the world.

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Just Enterprise

National Support, Delivered Locally 

Just Enterprise supports the growth of Scotland’s enterprising third sector – helping it maximise impact and sustainability. Following the Covid-19 pandemic this support is more important than ever. Funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by a third sector partnership, the programme has supported over 5000 organisations and 10,000 individuals across Scotland

Just Enterprise provides one-to-one business advice, interactive online workshops, webinars and online resources ensuring participants can access help when they need it. Topics include digital marketing, ecommerce, planning in a crisis, social impact measurement, business planning, tendering and much more.

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