Freedom Seal announces collaboration with Community Enterprise in Scotland

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NEW YORK, JULY 30, 2018 – On the fifth annual World Day Against Trafficking in Persons; Freedom Seal announces its collaboration with Community Enterprise in Scotland.

Established in 2015 to advance the advocacy work of the Tronie Foundation, Freedom Seal is the world’s first product and service label that will certify that it has found no evidence of human slavery based upon our verification efforts. Designed with supply chain thought leaders, over 30 corporations and the Vatican, Freedom Seal is evolving to integrate new technologies with international standards and risk protocols that provide comprehensive support to ethical businesses globally. It is an easily recognizable marker of lawful and ethical sourcing and production.

Community Enterprise in Scotland is the UK’s largest and most experienced social enterprise support agency. Established in 1984, its mission is to tackle inequality, strengthen communities and improve the performance and impact of businesses that contribute to our society.

Rani Hong, founder and CEO of Freedom Seal, President of the Tronie Foundation, and a child trafficking survivor said:

I am delighted to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS). Scotland is globally recognized leader in social enterprise, and this is one of the first projects of the International Social Enterprise Observatory supported by the Scottish Government. We look forward to working with CEIS to build and launch the Freedom Seal as a global solution to supply chain slavery and exploitation.

Freedom Seal’s focus is to enable business leaders to take immediate corrective and preventative action, manage related reputational and operational risks, and communicate their social responsibility to consumers at the point of sale. This, in turn, gives consumers the power to veto unverified goods. By fusing support for ethical supply chains with consumer advocacy, we can make significant inroads to diminish the demand for slavery.

Further information about the collaboration along with Freedom Seal’s evolution and expansion will be released over the coming months. For updates, follow @ranisvoice



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