Is social media relevant to social enterprise?

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Innovation is key to success!

The growth of social enterprise is perhaps one of the most encouraging beacons to shine from Scotland in recent years. With government support, social entrepreneurs have traded on their passions with the pay-off making a real difference to the Scottish economy.

But skills and endeavour alone don’t always lead to success. While Scotland is globally recognised for invention perhaps we are lesser known for our marketing prowess. But the combination of desire and natural ability is an almost unstoppable force – just take Mark Zuckerberg for example.

Embracing change

Zuckerberg was a second year student when he first wrote the software to what was then called ‘Facemash’. Challenged with breaching Harvard University security, violating copyrights and individual privacy for stealing the student photos used to populate the site, he faced expulsion from Harvard for his actions. Did this put him off? No – and Facebook went on to float for $104 billion!

While Facebook is just part of what’s become known as social media there’s little doubt those who understand its effects and have embraced change have benefited from it.

The time is right to engage with your audience

As providers of business support, CEIS have witnessed unprompted client demand for marketing through the digital channel. Whether explained by lack of an advertising fund, a need to simply “be there”, or a real understanding that good fishermen go where the fish swim is explained at the individual level. What is clear however is that this bandwagon isn’t going away.

Social media may not be right for everyone

Detractors enjoy taking a swipe at social media: it’s a fad! It will burn itself out! It’s for kids! It’s not a serious business tool! We tried Facebook and it didn’t work and who wants to know what we had for breakfast on Twitter anyway? Well, try explaining these conclusions to companies who transferred resource from traditional to digital marketers and restructured departments to attack the market using new social media platforms. Digital marketing works, they just failed to show they knew how to do it right!

Is social media relevant to social enterprise? (part 2)

Look out for part 2 of this blog, when next time we explain in layman’s terms what it all means, discuss the social platforms available, and explain how it can all help you.

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What next?

If you feel your social enterprise could benefit from support in creating a more compelling presence online then why not contact us online or chat to Emma Stratton on 0141 425 2900 to discuss the options available. See how else CEIS supports individuals, businesses and communities here.

Through the Scottish Government’s Just Enterprise business support programme, qualifying social enterprises may even be able to access workshops for free.

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