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So your contact at the Council phoned you 6 months ago and told you that the service your social enterprise has been delivering for the last 5 years through service level agreement is going to be competitively tendered.  “Ok” you thought  “nothing will change for a few months, I’ve got plenty of time and anyway the Council knows we deliver a great service….we’ll be fine”…

Fast forward 6 months and you are signing in to Public Contracts Scotland Tender trying to interpret the instructions, download the necessary documents, decipher the jargon, understand the scoring and remember just where you filed your public liability insurance document.  All the while, your eyes are drawn to the bold text at the top of the document stating that the deadline is only a few weeks away, just as your colleague tells you that your quality policy has not been updated for 2 years.

Where do you turn? What do you do? Surely this is too big a beast for you as a social enterprise to tackle and realistically you aren’t going to be able to compete against the more experienced private sector providers anyway, right?………. WRONG!!!!

“Did you know that each year the Scottish Government spend £10 billion on goods and services and tendering is the only route to access this?”*

At CEIS we have supported many social enterprises in tendering for contracts. In fact we’ve helped over 80 in the past year alone through our tender writing courses. Our specialist advisers understand how daunting it is for organisations who have never tendered for public contracts to pull together a compelling bid whilst ploughing through difficult to follow tender documents. Attending our tender writing courses will help you understand the process in plain English and enable you to:

  • interpret what the buyer is looking for
  • plan your bid
  • break the process down into manageable elements
  • pick up key tips and techniques to use in the future

If you have a tender invitation deadline looming or want to secure new business contracts, don’t let the tender process put you off. This is a unique opportunity to gain expertise advice and support on how to best showcase the knowledge, experience and quality of your organisation.

If you feel your social enterprise could benefit from support but lack the expertise to make it happen why not contact CEIS online or chat to Emma Stratton on 0141 425 2900 to discuss the options available.

, partnered with Social Firms Scotland and Senscot have joined together to create Ready for Business Procurement LLP, we, together with MacRoberts LLP and Sustainable Procurement Ltd, seek to increase the share of public services delivered by the Third Sector.

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*Source: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Government/Procurement



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