Reshaping support for Coalfield communities

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After more than a decade leading on the Scottish Government’s coalfield regeneration programme, the Coalfields Regeneration Trust was entering a new phase of activity. The grant-making model, capacity building role, and organisational structure that had served the Trust well needed to evolve quickly to fit with changing policy priorities as well as local demands. That’s where the team at Social Value Lab (SVL) came in.

Playing the role of development partner to the Trust over a 12-month period, Social Value Lab provided a range of inputs, including:

  • Researching the socio-economic needs of coalfield communities, to identify unmet needs and demands locally.
  • Acting as a sounding board and ‘critical’ friend, to help renew the vision and role of the Trust going forward.
  • Devising new funding and support programmes, including the Coalfields Community Challenge and Coalfield Futures programmes.
  • Business development and bidding support to help win new contracts generate earned income.
  • Advising and supporting any necessary organisational development or restructuring of the Trust.
  • Helping to develop of a three-year business plan to guide the Trust’s operations in Scotland.

The Results

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Scotland now has a sharper focus and is well positioned for the future. It is building on its traditional role as a grant-maker, and introducing a more complex business model that will see it sustain its operations through a mix of grants, investments, and contract delivery. Throughout this time of change it is remaining true to the communities it serves, and taking forward a range of new work that will see it to grow its local impact.

“Over the past few years Social Value Lab have worked very closely with The Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Scotland, helping us to reshape our future and identify positive ways to deliver services that help people living in the coalfields, to take the lead in regenerating their communities. We set SVL a challenging task and they rose to it, quickly understanding the needs of the coalfield communities, we found their techniques and facilitation were innovative and effective. It definitely had a positive influence on the whole team.”

Pauline Douglas, Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Operations Manager Scotland 

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