SEI & CEIS partnership to transform learning for social Enterprises in the UK

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The world’s online school for social enterprise education and support, the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI), is excited to announce its new partnership with Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS). Through this partnership, CEIS will use the SEI learning platform to serve enterprising charities and social enterprises across the UK.

Delivered fully online and accessible to anywhere, the Social Enterprise Institute provides:

  • Access to know-how through online courses and masterclasses
  • Instant answers from a network of world-leading instructors and coaches
  • Proven solutions, through easy-to-use, action-based tools and templates
  • Inspiration, ideas and advice from a global community of purpose-driven founders and leaders.

CEIS will now use courses, tools, and an online community from SEI to help social entrepreneurs and social enterprises to start and grow social enterprises across the UK.

UK social entrepreneurs will be added to a global network of peers, instructors and coaches, enabling them to access a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and experience as they grow their enterprises.

Why online learning for social enterprises?

There are over 170 Million social entrepreneurs globally and growing. More and more, consumers are choosing to buy from businesses that put people and planet first. That means more and more companies are trying to find the tricky balance between purpose and profit.

At the same time, technology is causing a revolution in the way that we learn. It means that social entrepreneurs no longer have to wait to enroll, spend endless hours in the classroom or endure training that is either old news, too advanced or irrelevant. With online learning and coaching, they can find the answers they need quickly, and build their social enterprise fast.

Significance of the partnership

The partnership between SEI and CEIS will transform the way that social entrepreneurs learn and the support that social enterprises can access.

On the new partnership, Managing Director of the Social Enterprise Institute, Jonathan Coburn commented “This is a truly significant partnership. CEIS is the oldest and largest social enterprise support organisation in the UK. This collaboration will enable us to ensure that social entrepreneurs – regardless of location, background or starting point – have access to knowledge and tools they need to build life-changing social enterprises”.

Gerry Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of CEIS said “CEIS is delighted to be taking on the UK licence for the Social Enterprise Institute. The SEI platform of online learning and coaching is an ideal fit with our mission and vision at CEIS as we see an increasing demand for social enterprise support. We look forward to working collaboratively with SEI to introduce this exciting new digital platform across the UK”.

A Global Network of Support

SEI is building a global network of partners to help reach social entrepreneurs in every part of the world. It is offering exclusive rights to use learning content and programs for an agreed territory (usually country) and to operate a local SEI e-learning portal under license agreement. Country partnerships are now in place in Canada, Australia and the UK.

Media Contact:

Stephanie Pronk, Social Enterprise Institute


+1 902-483-4845

About the Social Enterprise Institute

SEI is on a bold mission to equip 1,000,000 change-makers with the inspiration, knowledge, and connections they need to achieve a lasting social change through enterprise activity.

Our goal is to make available online learning and support to social entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world; distance should no longer be a barrier.

Headquartered in Canada, we bring together a diverse global team of social entrepreneurs, educators, developers, content specialists and coaches.

Contact us at steph@socialenterpriseinstitute.ca or call +1 902-483-4845

About the CEIS Group

Community Enterprise in Scotland is the UK’s largest and most experienced social enterprise support agency. Established in 1984, its mission is to tackle inequality, strengthen communities and improve the performance and impact of businesses that contribute to our society. Community Enterprise in Scotland is the UK’s largest and most experienced social enterprise support agency. Established in 1984, its mission is to tackle inequality, strengthen communities and improve the performance and impact of businesses that contribute to our society.

To find out more about the rollout of SEI across the UK please contact CEIS directly.

Key Contact:

James Finnie, CEIS


+44 141-425-2912

About social enterprises

Social enterprises are businesses that trade for the common good. They exist to tackle social problems, help communities and protect the environment. By selling products and services they create jobs and reinvest profits back into their work or community. When they profit, society profits.

Examples of social enterprises include:

  • The Big Issue
  • Divine Chocolate
  • The Eden Project in Cornwall



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