Third Sector supply chain

Engaging a third sector supply chain can help create lasting economic benefit

Each year, we track and report on our social enterprise and third sector spend. We believe in using our purchasing power to help build capacity and experience within the sector while adding value to client and partner contracts and creating lasting economic benefit.

If you would like to track and report your annual supplier spend, to discover how you can increase third sector spend and positively contribute to society, contact our business advisor team today.

We are proud to have an extensive social enterprise supply chain with 75% of our discretionary expenditure in 2016/2017 being with third sector suppliers (excluding staff salaries, audit and mandatory fees).

We’re always looking to grow our Third Sector supply chain further.  Current suppliers include contract delivery, catering, venues, printing, coaching, storage, maintenance, interpreting and training. If you’d like to register your interest, particularly in areas we haven’t yet identified a Third Sector supplier, contact us.



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